Artificial Intelligence Law

Artificial Intelligence as a phenomenon, is gaining and increasing importance. New applications of artificial Intelligence are clearly showing the way how new technology is being used in variety of Human activities and endeavor. The increase usage and sophistication in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence as a technology has brought forward various legal issues. Hence, Artificial Intelligence Law becomes extremely important. The term Artificial Intelligence Law has been defined by Dr. Pavan Duggal Internationally acclaimed authority and expert on Cyberlaw, Cybersecurity Law and Artificial Intelligence Law and Chief Executive of Artificial Law Hub in the following manner:-

“Artificial Intelligence Law is the emerging sub-discipline, within the Cyberlaw umbrella, dedicated to understanding, appreciating and analyzing the legal, policy and regulatory issues connected with or governing Artificial Intelligence ecosystem as a whole. Artificial Intelligence Law deals with the emerging discipline concerning with the Legal policy and Regulatory nuances of Artificial Intelligence as a technology and connected approaches, including strategies, that need to be adopted to not just enable but also encourage the adoption and usage of Artificial Intelligence. All acts concerning Artificial Intelligence in any area of human endeavor, which bring forward legal challenges, come within the ambit of this emerging discipline which deals with the enabling regulation of Artificial Intelligence.”

These are still early days in terms of development of Artificial Intelligence Law as a Jurisprudence. However, with increased deployment of the Artificial Intelligence in various sectors, the legal challenges that are beginning to come forward, need to be appropriately addressed.

There is a school of thought which believe Artificial Intelligence is nothing but new technology therefore, it only need to be governed under existing law. However, we need to understand the existing law pertains to human conduct, human society and most of the technology Laws today have virtually not come up with the enabling parameters to govern emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence. Hence, there is often difficulty of applying actual world legal jurisprudence to Artificial Intelligence. This further necessitates the need to come up with the legal approaches to deal with the Artificial Intelligence as a emerging paradigm.

Artificial Intelligence Law Hub is created to cutting edge research and come up with enabling legal principles, concept, and approaches that need to be adopted at a global level so as to enable and further regulate the use and misuse of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Law Hub has been formed to further promote the growth of cutting edge Research on legal issues concerning Artificial Intelligence.