Objectives-Artificial Intelligence Law Hub

The objectives of Artificial Intelligence Law Hub are as follows:

  1. To contribute to the evolving Legal Jurisprudence concerning Artificial Intelligence;
  2. To help identifying common legal parameters and principles that could be adopted at the global level so as to enable and also regulate Artificial Intelligence;
  3. To look at emerging Artificial Intelligence strategies in different countries and to come up with common legal Principles emanating thereform, which could further be used by countries in coming up with the national Artificial Intelligence legislations;
  4. To help and promote international understanding and cooperation on legal approaches for addressing Artificial Intelligence issues;
  5. To foster international cooperation on Artificial Intelligence Law and connected Legalities and also policy issues;
  6. To advise various stakeholders (State and Non-State), on new approaches that need to be adopted while tackling and regulating Artificial Intelligence;
  7. To contribute to evolving international discussions, discourses and deliberations on Artificial Intelligence regulation;
  8. To work with the various stakeholders in the AI ecosystem to help and collaborate a common harmonized legal approach to deal with the Artificial Intelligence.