Artificial Intelligence Law Hub, Indian National Forum on Artificial Intelligence & Pavan Duggal Associates, Advocates are organizing “National Conference on Artificial Intelligence In Governance & Legalities Post GPT-4o”, which is taking place on 30th May, 2024 from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm IST, at New Delhi.

Artificial Intelligence has today become central buzzword of our lives. Everybody seems to be interested and talking about Artificial Intelligence. The maddening pace with which new language model algorithms are hitting the market, has indeed been very hard to catch up.

India, being the biggest democracy in the world and the most populous nation in the world today is seeing unprecedented developments as far as Artificial Intelligence is concerned.  Indians have now begun to start using Generative AI with an amazing adoption rate.

On 13th May, 2024, the Open AI, the company behind ChatGPT, launched GPT-4o, the newest and the most advanced AI model available yet. This represents a new complete change in the paradigm.  The advent of AI including Generative AI and now GPT-4o presents huge amount of opportunities as also legal, policy and regulatory issues and challenges for all stakeholders including the Government ecosystem and specially from the perspective of Government Ministries, Departments, bodies, organisations and agencies.

The advent of GPT-4o has opened up a new pandora’s box. No wonder, the governance ecosystem needs to have a fresh look, perspective and approach on AI post the launch of GPT-4o. 

The National Conference on Artificial Intelligence In Governance & Legalities Post GPT-4o would aim to look at the benefits, opportunities, prospects, issues and challenges thrown up by the advent of new emerging technologies including Generative AI.  The National Conference will aim to deal with the following:-

  • How should the Government and the Government Ministries, Departments and agencies adopt their approaches on Generative AI?
  • What should be the specific attention that needs to be given on the legal, policy and regulatory issues of Generative AI in governance?
  • What kind of ethical principles and ramifications need to be kept in mind by Government ecosystem when they are dealing with the latest trends in Generative AI?
  •  How to track the potential impact of Generative AI on cyber security and cyber security breaches?
  •  How can the Government ecosystem be more prepared to deal with AI crimes aspects which are increasingly perpetuating with alarming frequency?
  • What should be the salient elements which should form the basis of policymaking and the national approach of Government on AI?
  • How should the Government deal with the contentious challenges and nuances thrown up by AI ecosystem?

These and other variety of issues would be discussed in detail in the National Conference on Artificial Intelligence In Governance & Legalities Post GPT-4o.

This Conference will have speakers from various stakeholders of the Government and also from the AI ecosystem. This Conference will further feature various interactive discussions between various stakeholders so as to identify what are the potential technical, legal, policy and regulatory and other ethical issues and challenges that the Government ecosystem is likely to face with the advent and further growth of Generative AI post the launch of GPT-4o.

Attending this Conference becomes a crucial necessity from the perspectives of Government ministries and its officers in understanding the latest ramifications and legalities that have arisen post the launch of GPT-4o.

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